Coming into hospital as an inpatient

We understand that preparing to stay at a hospital may be a difficult task for most people. So in order to make your visit as easy as possible, we've described everything you'll need to know before, during and after your stay with us.

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Inpatient - Preparing to come into the hospital

What to bring with you

  • Night wear, dressing gown and slippers
  • Face flannel, toiletries and toothbrush
  • Shaving kit and adaptor if electrical
  • Reading material (books, magazines)
  • All previous, relevant X-Rays in your possession, test results
  • Any medication (in original containers)
  • Mobile phones (please note that discretion is advised on the use of these; in some areas of the hospital they will be prohibited)

Please do not bring

  • Valuables, for example jewellery, unnecessary cheque books, credit or debit cards (the hospital will not assume liability for these)
  • Large sums of cash
  • Large amounts of food
  • Where you cannot avoid bringing valuables into the hospital, please ensure that you are fully covered by your own insurance

Pre-admission Information

Please complete all the pre-admission information we ask for in advance and send it back in the pre-paid envelope. It is important that we collect this information before you enter hospital, as it will make your stay in hospital run smoothly.

By completing your pre-operative health assessment we can plan for your individual clinical care in advance and by completing the admission form in full we can arrange all your financial details before you come into hospital and save you any unnecessary delays on your arrival. If there are any queries arsing from your pre-admission information our nursing or admission staff will be happy to talk to you prior to admission.


Your consultant will inform you of when you should stop eating and drinking before your operation. If you are unsure about fasting or any other medical details, please confirm with your consultant.


If relatives wish to stay in the hospital with you, arrangements will need to be made in advance, subject to room availability. Please note that this normally may incur an additional charge.


We operate a NON-SMOKING POLICY within the hospital and patients are kindly requested to honour this policy.

Inpatient - Upon arrival at the hospital


Please make sure you arrive at the time indicated on your admission letter to avoid any unnecessary delays. On arrival report to the main reception, where someone will direct you either to your room or, to an admissions officer if there are any outstanding admission details we require.

Nursing Admission

A nurse will see you in your room and reconfirm your details. She/he will go over your medical history with you and may carry out basic medical checks such as temperature and blood pressure. Please pass on any x-rays and current medication to the nurse and inform the nurse of any allergies or negative reactions to certain foods, drugs or dressings. Do not hesitate to ask the nurse any questions; they are there to help you. Your nurse will also confirm with you the time of your operation, please note that time for your operation may me changed in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Your Accommodation

A member of our reception staff will show you to you room and introduce you to the facilities within it. In your room, there will be a directory that gives you details of all our inpatient services.

All rooms are single or double bedded, en-suite, with direct dial telephones and a television with access to a comprehensive range of satellite and terrestrial channels. Your room will be cleaned and beddings changed daily.

Inpatient - During your stay

Pride in caring

We provide in your room a confidential Patient Questionnaire. We would greatly appreciate it if you could fill this in during or after your stay as we find it a valuable way of judging our patients experiences of the hospital and use it as a tool to develop and improve our service. Every questionnaire will receive a personal response from our Chief Executive Officer.

Clinical Staff

While you are in the hospital, you will be looked after by a team of professionals:

  • The consultant who arranged your admission will continue to be in charge of your clinical care and is responsible for keeping you fully informed of all treatments and clinical procedures
  • A Resident Medical Officer (a fully qualified doctor) is available in the hospital 24 hours a day
  • Specialist nurses who assist with pre and post operative care and counselling
  • Fully trained ward nurses to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible
  • Pharmacists to counsel you about your medication


Visitors are welcome at any reasonable time of the day whilst allowing for your and other patients need for rest and quiet. We normally request all visitors to leave by 10.00pm.


We offer a wide range of food on our menu. (Out sourced )

Medical Records

You may gain access to your health records by applying in writing to the Chief Nursing Officer in not less than 40 days after completion of treatment. Such requests may be made by the patient or by an individual nominated by the patient such as a solicitor or guardian.

Inpatient - Leaving the hospital

When you and your Consultant have agreed that you are ready to go home, you will be given a date and time for leaving the hospital, so that you can make arrangements for a friend or relative to collect you. We request that you leave your room by 10.00 am. Please ensure that the nursing staff are aware you are leaving.

Take home medicines

If you have any take home medicines to collect from the hospital Pharmacy, make sure that you allow time to do this before you leave the hospital.

Settling your 'extras' account

Take home medication and all non- medical expenses such as phone calls and visitors' meals will be charged separately and you will be asked to settle this account on the day of your departure. Please visit the cashier's office on the ground floor before you leave the hospital.


We recommend that you arrange for friends or relatives to collect you. If you need a taxi, the main reception will be able to arrange one for you. Our staff will also be happy to assist with your luggage. If necessary, we can make arrangements for you to be taken home by ambulance.

Insurance forms

If your treatment has been covered by insurance, please make sure that your consultant signs your claim forms before you leave or as soon as possible afterwards.

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