In Patients

Admitting Patients

Patients may only be admitted by consultants who have been granted practising privileges by the hospital’s Medical Advisory Committee.

All patients admitted to the hospital are accorded the same professional level of care and attention whatever their race, culture, language, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

Emergency Admissions

Every effort will be made to accommodate emergency admissions. All emergency admissions must be arranged in conjunction with the Duty Manager or Doctor/Matron.

Emergency admissions should be individually assessed as soon as possible.

Accessing Specialists

A full list of consultants with clinical privileges at the hospital and their specialities is included in this directory, a copy of which can be found on our website.

These policies must be adhered to and can be found on each floor and on The Britannia Hospital website.

How to book a patient into the hospital

Call Front Desk, Manager or Matron.

For Clinical Governance purposes, it is vital that we receive all clinical information at the time of booking and that it is signed off by the consultant, including:

  • Details of the patient’s medical condition
  • A diagnosis and reason for admission
  • Details of the procedure
  • Any relevant medical history
  • Requests for test
  • Request for x-rays with clinical indication

We can receive this information in the form of a clinic letter or medical notes attached to the booking form.


We regret that incomplete booking forms cannot be accepted.