Family/General Practice

This is a major department of our hospital. All activities and clinics are at the hospital site at Lekki.

  1. GENERAL HEALTH CONSULTATION AND TREATMENT . On registration, you will see the nurse for an initial assessment and baseline measurements. Except you specifically request to see a particular specialist, you will then be assessed by the duty Medical Officer or Family Practitioner who in most cases will be able to conclude your case and treat you. He may decide to refer you to our in-house Consultant or make an appointment for you to see one of our Visiting Consultants. Tests and investigations may also be organised by you.
  2. From BIRTH TO OLD AGE , once you are a registered patient, you will be assessed at intervals (usually yearly) for preventive health checks for numerous conditions depending on sex, age, lifestyle and medical history. This is the hob of general practice in developed countries and we emphasize on it here (prevention is better than cure). We shall use tested, functional, reproducible and repeatable templates to achieve this.
  3. From birth, your child will be incorporated into a CHILD HEALTH SURVEILLANCE PROGRAMME and CHILDHOOD IMMUNISATION PROGRAMME, to effect proper healthy growth and development, up to their ‘teens.
  4. We shall manage all CHRONIC DISEASES e.g. hypertension, diabetes, stroke, epilepsy, asthma, mental health, kidney disease, heart disease, heart failure, e.t.c. by regular check-ups, review of medications and again keeping reproducible templates. Special investigations and complimentary treatments will be requested when required.
  5. We undertake all MINOR SURGICAL PROCEEDURES as outpatients. These do not require a general anaesthetic nor the use of the main theatre and can be done on the spot by the GP.
  6. We advise on FOREIGN TRAVEL and dispense the required injections and preventive medication, and issue certificates where required.
  7. PREVENTIVE HEALTH SCREENING for Ovary, Cervix, Breast, Colon , Prostate, and Testes.
  8. WELLNESS CLINICS (male and female). This is a total and comprehensive one stop full body health check on a healthy patient on demand.
  9. FAMILY PLANNING clinics for women of child bearing age, using most modern and safe techniques and drugs.
  10. Confidential SEXUAL HEALTH advise and treatment (male and female).
  11. From age 35 years onwards, 3 yearly health checks to have a ten-year prediction of risk of diabetes, stroke, heart attack…
  12. Home visits by doctor or nurse available.
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