Genitoplasty / Rejuvenation

What is 0-Shot?

The 0-Shot ® is a non-invasive treatment used to help improve your sexual function. This is achieved by directly treating by areas of the female genitalia with PRP. The 0-Shot ® can result in increased arousal to enhance stimulation, increased natural lubrication, a tighter genital orifice, stronger and more frequent orgasms, decreased pain for those suffering with dyspareunia, improved urinary incontinence and a smoother rejuvenated looking vulva.

What is G-Shot?

Studies have found that the distal anterior female genital tract close to the orifice has the greatest density of nerves. This is G-Spot.


  • Repair of the Genital Tightness (Dyspareunia Pain)
  • Repair of the Genital Laxity from Prolapse, Child birth etc
  • Shortening or Lengthening of the Genital Tract


Blood is taken and highly concentrated platelet rich plasma (PRP) is prepared.

Platelets are components of blood that help with healing wounds. When separated from blood and concentrated - platelet rich plasma -they can result in the release of large amounts of growth factors and stem cells. Areas treated with PRP get flooded with growth factor and stem cells and results in the form regeneration and new blood vessels.

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